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If you want to sell the coins to us the steps below will walk you through the process.


STEP 1: Please email close up photos of the front and back of the coin(s) to be sold. If you have a large number of coins to sell, it's best to photograph them in lots by denomination (dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels, etc.).


STEP 2: You will receive a preliminary estimate of the worth of your coin(s). If the estimate is agreeable, proceed to the next step.


STEP 3: Upon receipt, I will do a complete appraisal of the coin(s). There are many things not visible in a photo such as cleaning, damage, and if the coins are genuine. 


STEP 4: We will talk again and agree on the final price. The payment will be sent via PayPal. 


If we can’t agree on price, then you will refund the deposit money and the coins will be sent out next day.  ALWAYS insure your coins if the value is greater than $50. 


When selling coins, you typically will get 40% to 60% depending on where you sell. Pawn shops are usually the worst place because they generally look only at the precious metal (silver, gold) and place little value on rarity or condition. If you're not familiar with the term, consignment is you allowing us to sell your coins for you and we take a 15% of the total sale to cover my time and effort. We take all the pictures, handle the invoices, and collect the money from the buyers. 

One of the drawbacks of consignment is the time it takes to get your money to you. The completion of the process sometimes takes 4-8 weeks. This is due to coordinating and negotiating sales to make sure you get the maximum possible. Consignments can be sold at auction or to a private buyer. The benefit is that you will get usually significantly more because the buyers are coin collectors and know the value of the coins being auctioned off. As with all things, it's only as valuable as the market allows. We cant and don't guarantee what the coins will bring at auction.  Unless there is an issues with a buyer, which you will be made aware of, checks are sent out with in 15 business days after the close of the auction.

When sending coins to anyone, ALWAYS insure your coins unless valued at $50 or less because USPS registered mail has $50 insurance already.

If you have questions about selling or consigning, please ask. We're here to help! We look forward to doing business with you!

Download Consignment Form

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